k-2 expedition

K-2 Expedition 2023

In the opinion of the legendary mountaineer Reinhold Messner, K-2 is the most impressive but the most difficult peak in the world. It is perhaps for this reason that the locals call it Chogori, ‘the king of mountains’. K2 has variously been described as the “awesome”, “killer”, “savage” and “the mountain of mountaineers”. Its lower face is rocky up to 6,000 meters, beyond which it becomes a vertical ocean of snow. K-2 majestically stands on the Pakistan-China border ruling the mighty Karakoram. The traditional route to its base camp goes through Baltoro Glacier. The height of the peak is 8,616 meters/28,267 feet according to the survey done by Italian geologists in 2004.

The peak has been climbed by over three hundred & fifty climbers through different routes. The most common route is Abruzzi Ridge through which the first successful Italian expedition attempted the peak and two climbers; Mr. Lino Lacedelli and Mr. Achille Compagnoni made history by reaching the summit on August 31, 1954.

Approach route: Islamabad-Skardu-Askoli-Concordia- K-2 Base Camp

Duration of Expedition: 63 days

Nature of Expedition: Un-guided

Average Daily walk: 6-7 hours

Climbing Difficulty-K-2: Extremely Hard

Days at base camp & above: 42 days

Trekking days (in & out): 12

Hotel Nights: 07




01 Arrival in Islamabad, transfer to hotel 500m Hotel
02 Flight to Skardu (1 hour) or drive to Chilas (10-12 hours) 2300m Hotel
03 Reserve day or drive from Chilas to Skardu (7-8 hours) 2300m Hotel
04 Day for final preparations 2300m Hotel
05 Jeep drive to Askoli (6 hours) 3048m Tents
06 Trek to Jhula (5-6 hours) 3200m Tents
07 Trek to Paiju (6-7 hours) 3600m Tents
08 Rest day for acclimatization 3600m Tents
09 Trek to Urdukas (9-10 hours) 4240m Tents
10 Trek to Goro-II (7-8 hours) 4500m Tents
11 Trek to Concordia (5-6 hours) 4687m Tents
12 Trek to K-2 Base Camp (5-6 hours) 5050m Tents
13-51 Days at K-2 Base Camp and above (including climbing days) Tents
52 Trek to Goro II  (8-9 hours) or Ali Camp (8-9 hours) Tents
53 Trek to Khuburste (7-8 hours) or Kuispang (8-9 hours) Tents
54 Trek to Bardumal (8-9 hours) Tents
55 Trek to Askoli (7-8 hours) Tents
56 Drive to Skardu (6 hours) Hotel
57 Flight for Islamabad or drive to Chilas or Naran Hotel
58 Free day or drive from Chilas to Islamabad Hotel
59 Reserve day Hotel
60 Departure from Islamabad


1-The option of taking a flight to Skardu after arrival in Islamabad on day 1 is possible depending upon the arrival time of international flight

2- If the flight operates for Skardu on day 2, drive to Askoli on day-4 is possible to gain an extra day for climbing/acclimatization


JUNE 16, 2024 AUGUST 15, 2024



Duration of Expedition 61 days/60 nights Islamabad to Islamabad
Days at BC & Above 41 Days
Trekking Days (in & out) 12 Days
Hotel Accommodation 07 Nights
Group Sizes 08-12 climbers
Type of Expedition Un-guided (Services upto Base Camp only)




16-06-2024 Arrival Islamabad Airport, Domestic flight to Skardu Hotel
17-06-2024 Reserve day in case no flight yesterday Hotel
18-06-2024 Final preparations Hotel
19-06-2024 Drive to Askoli by jeeps (6 hours) Tents
20-06-2024 Trek to Jhula (6-7 hours) Tents
21-06-2024 Trek to Paiju (6-7 hours) Tents
22-06-2024 Rest day in Paiju-Acclimatization day Tents
23-06-2024 Trek to Urdukas (7 hours) Tents
24-06-2024 Trek to Goro-II (5 hours) Tents
25-06-2024 Trek to Concordia (4-5 hours) Tents
26-06-2024 Trek to K-2 Base camp (5 hours) Tents
27-06 to 06-08-2024 Climbing Days Tents
07-08-2024 Trek to Goro II (7-8 hours) OR trek to Ali Camp (9-10 hours) Tents
08-08-2024 Trek to Khuburste (8 hours) OR trek to Kuispang over Gondogoro La (9 hours). Tents
09-08-2024  Trek to Bardumal (8 hours) OR trek to Saicho (5-6 hours) Tents
10-08-2024 Trek to Askoli (7-8 hours)  OR trek to Hushe (3 hours) Tents
11-08-2024 Reserve day Tents/Hotel
12-08-2024 Drive to Skardu Hotel
13-08-2024 Flight to Islamabad or drive to Chilas Hotel
14-08-2024 Free day or drive from Chilas to Islamabad Hotel
15-08-2024 Departure from Islamabad On board

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