Karakoram ski expedition(4)

Cross Country Ski in the Mighty Karakorams

Skiing is as thrilling as mountaineering especially in the Karakoram Mountain Region of Pakistan. With its longest glacier system surrounded by gigantic mountains, ski in the Karakorams would be a heartwarming experience. Among numerous spots for cross country ski, an expedition starting at Braldu Glacier in Shimshal Valley crossing Lupka La (5544 M) entering Snow Lake in Biafo Glacier and finally reaching Askoli has become a popular destination. Alternatively the trip can take place at Khani Basa of Biafo Glacier then crossing Hispar Pass (5050 M) to enter into Snow Lake finally reaching Askoli. Yet another fascinating option starts at  Panmah Glacier, skiing around Nobande Sobande Glacier entering into Simgang Glacier via Sim La (5850 M) leading towards Snow Lake finally terminating at Askoli again. Skiers can take advantage of climbing a peak up 6500 meters of altitude without paying any additional permit fee. The recommended season to start a ski trip is the last week of April or the first week of May. There are many more spots for skiing in Pakistan but the summary of 3 most popular routes is given below.


Option A: Braldu Glacier & Snow Lake Expedition

Trip code: ATP-ST-01

Islamabad-Gilgit-Karimabad Hunza-Shimshal-Shimshal Pass-Braldu Glacier-Lupke La-Snow Lake-Askoli-Skardu-Islamabad

Recommended duration of Expedition: 26-28 days (7 hotel nights & 19-20 camping nights)




Option B: Biafo Hispar & Snow Lake Expedition

Trip code: ATP-ST-02

Islamabad-Gilgit-Karimabad Hunza-Hispar-Khani Basa-Hispar Pass-Snow Lake-Askoli-Skardu-Islamabad

Recommended duration of Expedition: 26 days (6 hotel nights & 20 camping nights)



Option C:  Nobande Sobande Glacier & Snow Lake Expedition

Trip code: ATP-ST-03

Islamabad-Skardu- Askoli –Panama Glacier – Nobande Sobande Glacier – Sim La –Snow Lake-Askoli-Skardu-Islamabad

Recommended duration of Expedition: 27 days (6 hotel nights & 21 camping nights)



Option D:  Naltar & Hoper Expedition

Trip code: ATP-ST-04


Recommended duration of Expedition: 15 days (7 hotel nights & 8 camping nights)


Option E:  Deosai Plains Ski Expedition

Trip code: ATP-ST-05

Islamabad-Astore-Deosai Plains –Thale Khor-Skardu -Islamabad

Recommended duration of Expedition: 20 days (7 hotel nights & 13 camping nights)



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