Fairy Meadows, Pakora Pass & Atar Pass(1)

Exploring three great mountain ranges in one go

In the first part, a visit to Fairy Meadows & Nang Parbat Base Camp from Raikot Glacier will be completed. Nanga Parbat (8125m), the second highest peak in Pakistan and 9th in the world is known as one of the three most challenging mountains above 8000M. For tourists and trekkers, it is a mountain with stunning beauty, has three famous faces known as Rupal, Diamir and Raikot. In the program, we will see the mountain from Raikot side to witness the beauty and culture of surrounding glaciers, villages and people. The second part of trek is to Pakora Pass (4710m) that links the Naltar Gah and Pakora Gol. Shani and Sentinel peaks attract climbers. The trek can also be done from east to west, and combines easily with the Asumbar Haghost and then either the Punji Pass or Thui An, marking superb two- week combinations over three spectacular passes.  The last leg of the trip is Ishkoman to Darkot village trek to over Attar Pass, an easy but interesting short trekking route. The trek starts in a small village called Ghutolti with sixty five to seventy households. They valley is ideal for the adventure enthusiasts who attempt small peaks of 6000 meters. After two days trek you will reach Attar Lake, a beautiful natural water reservoir that lies at an altitude of around 4000 meters above the sea level. The Lake is surrounded by beautiful wild flowers and snow- capped peaks.  


Trip Highlight
Best time: Early June till Mid October
Maximum Altitude: 4575 meters
Trek grade : Moderate
Trip Duration: 19 nights/20 days (9 hotel & 10 camping nights)



Day To Day Itinerary