Situated in Nagar Valley acing Hunza, it is one of the magnificent pyramids in the world. The peak can be climbed from all sides. Dominating the horizon it is constantly visible from the Karakoram Highway. The scene from Hunza is awesome and beyond description. Its perpetual glacier adds thrill of delight that belongs to the beauty of Hunza.
In 1892, Martin Conway explored this peak though he could not find way to summit. On June 25, 1958 a British/Pakistani joint expedition members Mike Banks and Tom Patey of UK reached the summit. The North Spur was climbed on August 2, 1979 by Eiho Ohtani and Matsushi Yamashita of Waseda University Japan.


Expedition Summary 
Trip Highlights: Islamabad-Chilas-Minapin-Diran Base Camp- Minapin- Gilgit- Besham- Islamabad
Range: Karakoram
Altitude: 7788m
Base Camp Height: 4800m
Duration: 40 Days
Best Time: June- August
Day To Day Itinerary