ShahJinali Pass Trek(4)

Shah Jinali Pass Trek

The broad rolling alpine meadows and sparkling streams offer open rolling through the pass called the king’s polo ground or Shahjinali An (4,259m). Facing northwards from the Shahjinali Pass, a delightful view is guaranteed by the Hindu-Raj Mountain Range, which forms the border to Afghanistan (Wakhan Corridor). The Qala-i-Ust peak, with its altitude of 6,317m, is an outstanding feature of the mountain range.  The second part of the trek is from Yarkhun Chitral to Yasin of Gilgit-Baltistan. This is a scenic, moderate trek following one of the ancient trade routes and has dramatic views of the Thui peaks and other 6000m mountains. Thui Pass (4,499m) is just passable, but the trek requires stamina and good health. The views from the top of the pass back down Yasin’s side show a circle of pointed, rocky, 6000m peaks touched with snow, with a wide green meadow on the rounded hill in the foreground and Aghost Bar Glacier snaking down to the Thui Valley. On the Chitral side, the view is blocked by a semi-circle of 5000m to 6000m peaks enclosing a glaciated bowl.


Trip Summary:  Islamabad-Chitral-Kailash Valley-Rua-Shah Jinali-Yashist-Mastuj-Chitral- Islamabad

Best time:  June to September

Maximum Altitude:  4140 meters

Trek grade:  Moderate

Trip Duration:  13 days

Hotel Nights:  7

Camping Nights:  5