Discover Baluchistan

Baluchistan is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of land in the country. Besides being blessed with nature’s bounty of mineral resources, it also has immense natural beauty. There are a number of valleys brimming with wildlife and natural marvels. Mountains, plateaus, an oasis, deserts, waterfalls, etc. Baluchistan is home to beautiful places like Kanrach Valley – a land of waterfalls, Hingol National Park, Moola Chatok – a hidden paradise for adventurers, Kund Malir is one of the many crystal-clear water beaches dotting Makran Coastal Highway, Gaddani Beach, Gwadar is one of the major trading ports of Pakistan, and Ziarat that will fascinate any visitor or traveler. Bolan Pass is among the most famous mountain passes in Pakistan, which runs through the Toba Kakar range. It is often referred to as the southern counterpart of Khyber Pass. Both of these passes served as two of the most important trade routes in the Indian subcontinent. Due to its strategic location traders, and nomadic tribes used it as a gateway to enter South Asia. A trip to Baluchistan is a perfect option for those who want to enjoy nature and its rustic beauty.


Trip Highlights
TripCode: ATP-UNB-01
Route: Karachi-Gaddani Ship breaking- Damb Mangrove Forest- Kund Malir Beach- Hingol National Park- Princes of Hope- Ormara Beach-Gwadar-Jiwani Beach-Khuzdar-Quetta
BestTime: October to March
Duration: 11 days/11 nights (shorter & longer trip itineraries available)



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